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I am a print and digital designer, currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This blog is heavily decorated with my musings, rantings, and personal opinions.
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Bharatika Creative Design Festival

This post is dedicated to Petra Christian University, Surabaya that gave me the opportunity to both judge and speak in their Design Festival, Bharatika.

The committee did a good job organizing a well-thought event in a short time. Being the youngest judge (I think?) and having so much to learn in the ways of design, I felt a surge of motivation from the judges and students alike.

I want to thank Gabriela, Anette, Stanley, Saviour, Michella, Joanna, Tania, and the other committee that I met during the judging process in Jakarta and during the event in Balai Pemuda, Surabaya. You guys tried so hard to show your goodwill and to be of service to the judges to the point that we almost felt guilty about it. (but it was cute, keep up the good work!)

Also, here’s a shout out to the inspirational judges: Iyan from Leo Burnett, Irene from Colman Ideas, Abie from Studio Hiji, Pak Abdi from Lumina Group, Ardan from IKEA Indonesia, Rois from Craftline.co.id and Pak Aris & Pak Deddi from Petra Christian University. Google their names, check them out, they’re AWESOME! There’s no word to describe how happy I am to be acquaintanced with such inspiring people.

All in all I’m glad to be part of the first & biggest student-level design competition in East Java. I would’ve extended my stay if I was able to since I still have some interesting people to talk to.

Stay tuned for my next post as I’m going to share some tips, tricks & know-hows for those who aspire to be a designer.